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Interference Dance


Interference Dance Club (IDCB) is a project that we at Interference Dance Company run to provide dance workshops for all abilities in Suffolk. We started this club with the desire to bring dance and creativity to every one who wishes to access it. We are passionate about keeping dance alive and integrating it into the lives of  others because we believe that dance should be fun and educative! 

IDCB is a collective that teaches Street and Contemporary Dance to the ages between 7-30+ in order to develop balance, creativity and technique through exciting workshops. We incorporate stretching and yoga routines during our warm-ups followed by stimulating, upbeat dance routines in either Street or Contemporary Dance styles that will allow our dancers to develop their stamina and technique. Creative opportunities will be provided in our workshops by allowing the dancers to have fun with choreographed routines by adding their own choreography or style to them. 

We are constantly evolving and hope to be able to provide a wider variety of dance genres in the future, always ensuring we are keeping dance FUN and STIMULATING!


Photography by Lemon Elephant Media.


  • Street (beginner) all ages ​

  • Contemporary (all abilities) aged 7-16​

  • Contemporary (all abilities) aged 17-30+

Interference Dance Club offer a range of dance workshops that are forever evolving, we aim to add more styles and varieties of workshops in the future. We currently provide Street and Contemporary dance workshops for beginners and those of all abilities. 

Beginner level is for anyone who has not trained in dance but enjoys it and wants to have fun doing so - it enables you to improve on balance and creativity with fun, stimulating routines that develop as the workshops progress.

Our workshops for all abilities are for those who may have experienced dance, performing arts or gymnastics (at any level!) and for those who want to improve their technique and stamina. These workshops build on our dancers creativity and ability to learn new routines that aid their development which progress with each workshop.

Covid-19 update:

With the current climate our plans have had to be paused temporarily but we will be bringing these workshops to you in Suffolk as soon as we can - keep posted for updates that we will be bringing you regularly!




Aged 7-16: Every other Monday at 6:00-7:00

Aged 17-30+: Every other Wednesday 6:00-7:00

Our contemporary workshops will provide classic techniques such as the Graham and Alexander Technique that focus on the core and posture through dance. You do not need to have any experience in these techniques, if you do however, great! We will work together to develop knowledge in these techniques to develop your core and balance. The routines we learn and work on will be easily adaptable to suit your personal style and ability. They will be a variety of upbeat, dynamic phrases and lyrical phrases that draw on the music as an influence. 

These workshops are for every one! Whether you have experience in Dance or not, it is our passion at IDCB to ensure no matter what level of Dance you are at, you enjoy it and have fun learning new things! We aim to ensure that if you have experience in Dance these workshops will challenge and stimulate your practice whilst also ensuring if you are new to Dance you enjoy picking up new skills.




Beginner (all ages): Every other Tuesday 6:00-7:00

Our Street Dance workshops are for those who have had some or no experience in the style and will provide fun, exciting routines to popular songs! These routines will make you feel sassy and powerful whilst developing your rhythm and co-ordination. 

Street dance is at its core about improvisation and the social element, having been built from dancers outside the dance studio without ballet training, it has developed into a style that can be performed by anyone - regardless of your ability! There will be opportunities to develop your creativity and choreographic skills as we spend time working on learnt routines in your own personal style.